Situated in the beautifully affrescoed Palazzo Antellesi, just steps away from the church of Santa Croce, Misuri is the oldest establishment in this district which was once the site of numerous tanneries and leather factories during the 14th century.   Today Misuri is recognizably the one remaining factory which still preserves the manufacturing principles of that era.

While we have numerous Italian brands (from well known to smaller names); we are proud to share that we design and produce our own pieces as well.  We use only the finest quality leather in our superbly handcrafted jackets, briefcases, handbags, travel bags, shoes and accessories.

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6 thoughts on “About

  1. Eimer rainsford

    hi, I purchased a beautiful woven handbag from your shop last year while visiting Florence. I love it and appreciate the skill and quality of this elegant bag each time I wear it. However I was surprised on returning home to find that there is no ‘misuri’ name/label on it .. Which is unusual. Would you mind explaining why this is. Kind regards , eimer rainsford


    • misurifirenze

      Dear Eimer Rainsford,

      It is wonderful to hear that you are enjoying your bag that your purchased here. We have some bags that our own MISURI name, while we carry other brands as well. It is possible that the bag you purchased is by a different Italian brand. If you are able to send a couple of pictures to misuri@leatherguild.it I will be able to see more closely as to why there wouldn’t be a MISURI label inside.


  2. Jane Allwright


    I still have 2 leather handbags, with the Misuri name, purchased by my Mother in the 1970s. If it would be of interest I will forward a photograph of them.

    With regards,

    Jane Allwright


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