A Closer Look… The Kelly Bag

Our icon bag and a classic from the 1950s.  The story goes that Grace Kelly, a very famous actress who later became a princess, came by our store while she was here filming the movie ‘To Catch a Thief’.  The bag was made for her and thus it got it’s name!

kelly and kelly.jpg

The Kelly Bag is gilded with gold on the front and back, using traditional gilding techniques, and made with a steel wire frame so it never loses it’s shape.

The bag is composed of fourteen panels of hand stitched leather, and the very first handbag to introduce not one but two coin purses on the inside.  An automatic lock is secure and easy to use.  With a simple hand gesture and a couple of snaps the Kelly bags goes from a handbag to an elegant shoulder bag.

Since it’s creation we have developed several models of the bag – various colors, with or without the gold gilding, and most recently different textures in the leather.  The Kelly Bag truly is timeless in design; a classic that is always in fashion.

Our Kellie posing with the Kelly Bag

Do you have a Kelly bag?  Share with us your stories!


3 thoughts on “A Closer Look… The Kelly Bag

  1. Ruthie Schmitz

    How do I order a leather purse from you ?
    I just returned from Florence and your beautiful Misuri leather store. I am interested in purchasing more leather from you.


  2. Shannon Lee

    Is it possible to order a leather purse from you online and have it delivered? I just visited your store in Florence and fell in love with the Grace Kelly purse.


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