Tacco in Italian means ‘Heel’ and that’s exactly where this coin-case comes from.

We asked our leather workers, “Just where how did Il Tacco come to be?” so of course they went to their father, Maestro Vasco Capanni.  Capanni was already working with leather during the 1950s and even at that time they would tell the story of how the famous coin-case was developed.

There was a Florentine cobbler that produced heels in leather for women’s shoes.  He then had the idea to modify the form of the heel by taking out the supporting inner portion, thus creating a leather container.  The container was the perfect size and shape to fit in one’s pocket and carry the small change that accumulates throughout the day.



The coin-case itself is made using wooden molds and wet cuoio (tougher leather used in shoes and sturdy objects).  The leather is pressed and dried into one piece using traditional Florentine techniques of vegetable tanned leather.  It is then hand dyed and branded with hot iron tools.  The case folds tightly around itself creating a secure place to keep change while the pull tab keeps it accessible.  The shape fits perfectly in one’s palm; it’s smooth, buttery texture makes the case a luxury to hold.  Il Tacco is the only coin-case, with this level of complexity, that has no stitching.


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